Emily Hughes Yoga

Elevate Every Inch Of You

Hi! I'm Emily,
As an ex professional ballerina I understand now that everything I've learnt has been for a bigger, greater service. I've learnt incredible skills from some of the worlds masters in both ballet and yoga that have not only shaped who I am as a women but it now allows me to use all of this knowledge as an influence to how i hold space for my clients now.

My goal with EHY is simple, to help every single one of you feel your absolute best, to not only help you create beautifully strong and supple bodies but even more importantly to offer you all the tools and practices I use daily to completely elevate and transform your entire self.

My approach to teaching is all about providing an inclusive, non judgmental space, where you can fall back in love with your body and how it feels. Movement shouldn't be aggressive, true and lasting change comes from being gentle but consistent and the more you move with ease and understanding, the better you will feel overall both physically and mentally.

Having a ballet background, my teaching is a little different from your average yoga class, I blend together principles of power yoga, pilates and ballet technique to leave you feeling stronger, longer and much more at ease in your body.

I am so grateful to have you in this community. No matter the time you have available to you, there is ALWAYS something you can get in for YOU.

p.s. It's never too late to begin.