Emily Hughes Yoga

Elevate Every Inch Of You

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    An Intro Into Emily Hughes Yoga

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    20 Day Mindfulness Challenge

    Emily often says she wouldn't be who she is today without developing a consistent meditation and mindful movement practice. It helped her get clear, it helped her heal, and it continues to help manage her life on a daily basis. She hopes that this 20 day challenge can be a catalyst for your own mindful practice. You can do this as a follow along everyday or just come back to the classes you like when you like. Each Sunday is designed as a rest day, maybe take a nice 30 min walk in nature or something else that helps you to relax and recharge.

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    Under 30 Minute Sessions

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    Power Yoga Classes

    Ready to sweat and move a little more dynamically. This gallery of classes is for you. All of these classes will focus on creating equal amounts of strength and length throughout your entire body, they are challenging but in such an easeful and gentle way.

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    Gentle Yoga Classes

    These classes are all slightly slower and more on the chilled side of things. Come to theses classes maybe before bed or when you just want to slow down the pace of life a bit.

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    New To EHY/Beginner Friendly

    This is a perfect place to start if you're brand new to EHY.

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    EHY Meditations

    Meditations to fit any mood or goal. All helping you to become the best version of yourself. Having a regular meditation practice has been proven to dramatically lower stress, anxiety, depression and improve sleep, focus and overall physical and mental wellbeing. Be patient with it, like all good things, it takes time.

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    Self Care Workshops

    A range of workshops from our EHY guest experts. True self care is so much more than just your movement and this gallery will hopefully inspire you try new things and elevate your approach to your physical and mental well-being.